Services Provided

Residential cleaning


Residential cleaning is one of the most popular type of service we provide, so we have vast experience on this area. We care about your belonging and we will do our best for you to be very satisfied. One or more workers will do the job in your house, so we would like you feel very comfortable with us, and we hope this relationship continue after the initial interaction.

deep cleaning


When we clean we would like to leave everything very clean and organized, that is why we when the situation required we will do a deep cleaning; which mean going through very specific places; detailing your kitchen, Bathroom, floor and all the rest that need to be deep cleaned. 

moving in/moving out


When you are in the situation where you are moving in or moving out you want to leave the place very neat, so we can do that job.  

Before you move to a new place, we can go there and leave it very nice for you; or even after you move you can give us a call to get your furniture or other stuffs clean.

garage organization


This is a particular job we would like to continue doing; if you have a messy garage and you do no have time to organize it we can do it for you..

backyard cleaning


Backyards deserve to be well organized, clean, and great to have a good time in there; if for some reason it is not as you want to be,  feel free to call us and we will clean it. Cleaning a backyard is to go through it and get it done for you to feel great in that important spot of your home for you and even for your pets.

event and celebration prior and after


Before an event you can give us a call so we can clean and get all ready for your guests; and you can call us after the event in order to restore the place and get it cleaned. We will leave everything neat for you.